About Us


In 2016, Peter and Leisa were looking for a fire pit for their own outdoor living space, with design and quality being key priorities. The many cheap imported fire pits on offer fell far short of fulfilling these needs.⠀

During their search, they discovered the Stahl® Firepit. The only catch was they were only available in the USA. After contacting the owners in the USA, discussions followed and Peter and Leisa became the exclusive licensee for Australia - and Stahl® Firepit Australia was born.⠀

Peter and Leisa's desire was to match the same premium quality that Stahl® was known for in the US, but utilising local manufacturers within Australia. To this day, all of the fire pits and the grill plate are manufactured locally in Brisbane.⠀

Since launching with the initial product offering of the Stahl® Firepit, Stahl® Patio and Stahl® Camper, Peter and Leisa have this year expanded the range and launched the new Stahl® X Firepit and the Stahl® Grill Plate (now available in two sizes). ⠀

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service and welcome you to the Stahl® Firepit family.⠀



Our fire pits are made from hand selected 250 Grade hot rolled steel, which develops a beautiful patina that matures in character as it ages. With time out in the elements, your fire pit will naturally lighten and change from a dark blue/grey to an autumn gold. After its first season in the outdoors, expect it to adopt a lovely golden colour. Over time (climate dependent), the steel will patina into its final shade of rich autumn with a character completely its own. 


Stahl Firepit Australia | Steel Firepits | Firepit For Sale | Firepit BBQ Combo | Firepits With Grills | Grill Plate | Patio Firepit | Stahl Patio | Stahl X Firepit Stahl® Firepit Products Are Made From Hand Selected Steel To Ensure Quality.


LASER CUT WITH PRECISION - Clean and precise cuts allow for easy assembly.
NO TOOLS REQUIRED - The non-welded construction allows for easy removal and storage.
5MM & 6MM STEEL - Thicker than the average fire pit on the market today, Stahl® Firepits will last for years to come.
MADE IN AUSTRALIA - We are proud that all Stahl® Firepits are made locally in Brisbane.