House Rules 2019



In 2019, Stahl Firepit Australia had the priviledge of supplying a Stahl X Firepit for the exterior renovation to Shayn and Carly's house (Team Queensland).  

With the first round and interior renovations completed, contestants Lisa and Andy (Team South Australia) were given the task of renovating one of the exterior zones. To complete their zone, Lisa and Andy decided to add a firepit.

To suit the style of their zone, Lisa and Andy chose the Stahl X Firepit - Stahl Firepit Australia's newest design.

The Stahl X Firepit is a modern firepit made from 5mm thick mild steel plate and consists of only 4 pieces.  One of the unique design features to the Stahl X is that to assemble the firepit, there are NO tools required.  Three pieces slide together to form the outer and the fourth piece sits in the centre to provide a base for the firewood.  This also allows the heat generated from the fire to be elevated off the ground by approximately 10cm.

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If you would like to watch the full episode showing the reveal of Shayn and Carly's house exterior, please click here.


Curious to  see how easily the Stahl X Firepit is assembled?

Please watch the assembly video.


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