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Do you love entertaining friends and cooking outdoors? The Stahl® Grill Plate is just for you.

Take advantage of the fantastic outdoor lifestyle we have to offer in Australia and use the Stahl® Grill Plate all year round.  With the Stahl® Grill Plate, you can barbecue on an open flame or sauté on the hot plate, then take the Grill off for an evening around the fire.

When the coals die down, finish your night off with a toasted marshmallow or two.

The Stahl® Grill Plate is designed specifically for the Stahl® Firepit (76cm x 76cm). 

All Stahl® Grill Plates are made locally in Australia supporting local businesses.


*FREE delivery to the majority of Australia.  Rural areas may incur additional delivery charges.  Delivery only within Australia.


WARNING:  The steel can become hot after a prolonged fire and children should be under adult supervision at all times around the fire pit.  The Stahl®  Grill Plate is fairly light at only 8kg in the box.




The Stahl® Grill Plate has been specifically designed to suit the Stahl® Firepit.

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