Stahl™ Firepit Australia Announces New Stahl™ X Firepit

New streamlined firepit offers contemporary triangular style

NORTH LAKES, BRISBANE, MARCH 19, 2019 - Stahl™ Firepit has become internationally known for having an outstanding selection of unique, stylish designer firepits, and the company has just announced the release of a brand new design: the Stahl™ X.

Stahl X Firepit | Stahl Firepit Australia | Flat-pack Firepit | Modern Firepit | Outdoor Firepit | New DesignWith the Stahl™ X, Stahl™ Firepit has continued a tradition of design excellence and practicality that is clearly evident in their other products. For example, the original Stahl™ Firepit offers a 76 x 76 x 34cm outdoor firepit that combines timeless aesthetic appeal with thoughtful functionality. Stahl™ has also introduced several other unique firepits to the market, including the smaller Patio Firepit, and the Stahl™ Camper which is available in black anodised aluminium.

The Stahl™ X can accommodate a large volume of firewood within its distinctive triangular form. Weighing in at just 43kg when boxed, the Stahl™ X comes with just four pieces, and this makes for quick, easy assembly without the need for tools.

According to the Stahl™ Firepit team, “The Stahl™ X was truly designed in keeping with our simple, elegant philosophy.”

The Stahl™ X does, indeed, offer a contemporary look that catches the eye.

All Stahl™ Firepits are precision laser cut Stahl X Firepit | Stahl Firepit Australia | Flat-pack Firepit | Modern Firepit | Outdoor Firepit | New Design | House Rules 2019from solid steel plate to ensure longevity, and the Stahl™ X is no exception. The new Stahl™ X Firepit is made with the needs and wants of customers in mind, offering a new design and contemporary triangular shape.

While the Stahl™ X debuted several months ago in the U.S. market, the Stahl™ team is thrilled to announce that Australian customers can now purchase the Stahl™ X directly from the company’s website. 

Stahl™ Firepit Australia is proud to be expanding its range of premium quality Australian made designer firepits to offer greater choice for customers. More information can be found at


About Stahl™ Firepit Australia

Stahl™  Firepit Australia is the country’s exclusive licensed manufacturer and retailer of the beautifully designed Stahl™ Firepit range.