Stahl® Firepit Australia Announces New Grill Plate

New Grill Plate allows flexibility of cooking over open fire

NORTH LAKES, BRISBANE, APRIL 1, 2019 - Stahl® Firepit has become internationally known for their outstanding selection of unique, stylish designer firepits, and the company has just announced the release of their newest accessory: the Stahl® Grill Plate.

Stahl Firepit Australia | Stahl Grill Plate | Stahl Firepit Grill | Grill Plate | BBQ plate | Open fire cookingWith the Stahl® Grill Plate, Stahl® Firepit expanded its range to include an option to cook over an open fire, allowing the smokiness to enhance the flavour of all types of food. The Stahl® Grill Plate has been specifically designed to suit the larger Stahl® Firepit.  Stahl® has also introduced several unique firepits to the market, including the Stahl® X, the smaller Patio Firepit, and the Stahl® Camper (a lightweight aluminium version).

With the Stahl® Grill Plate, tending to a fire has never been easier while cooking without the worry of having to remove the Grill Plate.  The Grill Plate can be placed over the middle of the fire, or to one side depending on the type of heat required.

According to the Stahl® Firepit team, “The Stahl® Grill Plate was designed to enhance the enjoyment of sitting around a fire, allowing good food to be enjoyed with good company.”

The Stahl® Grill Plate does, indeed, allow you to cook over an open fire with ease and allows the use of both a grill style of cooking, and a solid hot plate.

As with the Stahl® Firepits, the Stahl® Grill Plate is precision laser cut from solid steel plate to ensure longevity. The new Stahl® Grill Plate has been made with the outdoor lifetstyle in mind.

While the Stahl® Grill Plate has been Stahl Firepit Australia | Stahl Grill Plate | Stahl Firepit Grill | Grill Plate | BBQ plate | Open fire cooking | Outdoor cooking | Outdoor lifestyle | Entertain outdoorsavailable in the U.S. market for some time, the Stahl® team is thrilled to announce that Australian customers can now purchase the Stahl® Grill Plate directly from the company’s website. 

Stahl® Firepit Australia is proud to be expanding its range of premium quality Australian made designer firepits and accessories to offer greater choice for customers. More information can be found at https://www.stahlfirepit.com.au/.


About Stahl® Firepit Australia

Stahl® Firepit Australia is the country’s exclusive licensed manufacturer and retailer of the beautifully designed Stahl® Firepit range.