Stahl Firepit Australia Announces Launch of Elegant Firepit Collection

New Australian company is the first licensed manufacturer and retailer of the Stahl Firepit

NORTH LAKES, BRISBANE, SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 - The team at Stahl Firepit Australia is announcing the launch of their company and the Australian debut of the Stahl Firepit elegant, long-lasting firepit collection.

Stahl Firepit Australia | Modern firepit | Flatpack Fire pit | Original design | Stahl Firepit Australia | Made in Australia | Outdoor livingStahl Firepit Australia’s firepits are all made in Australia and feature 6mm, precision laser cut steel or water-jet cut anodised aluminium for the Camper. All firepits are non-welded and designed to be easily taken apart and stored flat. Each Stahl Firepit features a 5-piece design; the pieces simply slide together without the need for screws or tools. Stahl Firepits are designed to last and provide years of enjoyment, sharing time with family and friends around an open fire.

With the addition of the Stahl X Frost River Firepit Sling to the range, the company is now offering four products: the original Stahl Firepit for larger outdoor spaces; a smaller Patio version; a lightweight Camper version for travelling; and the sling for transporting the Camper firepit.

Husband-and-wife team Peter and Leisa, discovered the Stahl Firepit whilst Stahl Camper Firepit | Stahl Firepit Australia | Camping firepit | Lightweight firepit | Flat pack firepitsearching for a durable firepit that would be the focal point for their outdoor living space. They discovered Stahl Firepit in the USA, a manufacturer and retailer of a high quality firepit with a unique and timeless design. The couple decided to contact the company to inquire about forging a partnership to bring the Stahl Firepit to Australia. Now, Stahl Firepit Australia is the country’s only licensed manufacturer and retailer of the Stahl Firepit.

“We’re passionate about high quality products and are big believers in supporting local businesses; these were critical considerations for us in choosing to bring the Stahl Firepit to the Australian market,” said the Stahl Firepit Australia team. “We aren’t interested in mass producing a cheap product in an overseas factory - we want to locally manufacture the Stahl Firepit range with suppliers that are committed to delivering excellent quality.”

In the future, Stahl Firepit Australia will expand its range to include accessories to suit the Australian market. More information can be found at


About Stahl Firepit Australia

Stahl Firepit Australia is the country’s exclusive licensed manufacturer and retailer of the simple, timeless Stahl Firepit.